was started by a young man whom was diagnosed late with Convergence Insufficiency at age 23. He had suffered for many years without knowing such cause. He has learned to accept his problem at a young age without his parents or family knowing about his condition. For many years he has tried many different eye exercises. Although not all eye exercises are effective such as the “pencil push up,” trial and error has helped him find the right eye exercises that worked best. Finally at age 28, he has seen a vision therapist that can help him and during his visits, he has acquired knowledge about his condition and he hope by creating this website, he can spread the awareness of Convergence Insufficiency.

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What is convergence insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency is the inability of the eyes to converge. This can make near task difficult. An example is reading. Reading can be a challenge for a person diagnosed with CI. A person will experience double vision, words floating, sentences overlapping, blurry letters, frequently skipping sentences, loss of words,  forget what he or she read, reading limited to minutes at a time, and poor concentration.

Writing can also be a challenge.  A person with CI normally has sloppy handwriting, writing words between lines, poor spelling, and writing letter above another letter.

Convergence insufficiency does not only affect reading and writing but also everyday activities. A person with CI will experience poor coordination. Some of these includes: knocking over objects, inability to catch a flying ball, poor judgment grabbing an object, and bumping into objects.

Convergence insufficiency also affects a person physical appearance as well. This includes poor posture,  unable to walk straight and one shoulder is noticeable higher than the other. It can also affect a person well being. An example is frequent headaches, eye strain, nausea, watery eyes, and eye pain.

Convergence Insufficiency Test

Instruction: Hold the paper about an arms length away. Slowly bring the paper about six inches away from the face. Stare at the vertical bar. A person with convergence insufficiency will see a double bar, whereas a person with normal vision sees a single bar. A person with convergence insufficiency is unable to converge their eyes to keep the bar single.

How to print the test

Right click image and save image/picture as.

How computer glasses can help

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) accounts for about 50% of eye strain, vision tiredness, and dry eyes. It may well be that you may fall into this categories. Having convergence insufficiency along with CVS can may your vision worse. To help decrease the the symptoms experience from computer, simply purchase a computer glasses. Computer glasses tinted in amber has the best protection, followed by green and blue tint. The amber tint can provide protection up to 12 hours and green and blue tint provides 4-8 hours of protection.

If you do have prescription glasses, ask your optometrist to simply have them tinted or any online services that provides them. Anti-glare and 100% UV protection is another option that may help decrease CVS.



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  1. hi to all convergence-insufficiency.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hi –
    thank yous speak soon
    garry m

    • Hi Gary, i just found your site and I am hoping it will help me. I have just been diagnosed the this conversion thing. Are there any more pages after this one. I printed the first page with the box on it. thank you……louise

  2. i was diagnosed with CI but the only difference is that i see double when looking further away, not closer. the further, the greater the distance between the same object.
    is that CI still?

  3. Hi, l am from Thailand. I think l might have CI. I’ve been having.symtoms 10 years. I also have short eye sighted and wearing glasses all the time. Doctors had no idea What l got. I had changed my eyes glasses a lot in the past cause l thought my eye sights had changed but it didn’t help me see clearer. My brian always have a hard time to get information and remember things. I became reckless and feel stupid most of the time. Do you know where can l find a good eyes doctor in Florida? Please help!!

    • Hi there,

      I am sorry, i do not know any vision therapist located in the State of Florida.

      However, i do know one located in Southern California.

      If you are willing to spend a few months in the greater Los Angeles area I can help referral you to an honest vision therapist who will help you.

  4. I was assigned eye muscle exercises for divergence insufficiency by my doctor several days ago. If you know of an exercise using an LED pen light and a transparent red square of plastic, please review how to do this exercise with me. Thank you. Phyllis

    • Hi there,

      Divergence insufficiency is not the same as convergence insufficiency. I suggest you discuss your DI with your vision therapist.

  5. Hi
    i recently had a total knee replcement, after surgery i noticed i was dizzy and out of focus, i felt like i was still under anastestia, after a month my vision didnt change.. i saw every specialist to see what was wrong, my optomotrist said i might have CI, IM 46 years old and i feel out of it…..i tried the box test, when i focused on it it wasnt double but when i let my eye relax it went double… can you explain?

  6. I have c.I. I dnt knw what happen but I just got it, maybe a year or two. In order. For me to see an 3d image I have to strain my eyes. Or it will go double. What can I do? My eye doc says my nerves are OK but I have c.I

  7. Hi Jermaine,

    I recommend that you see an ophthalmologist and have your eyes tested for C.I.

    There are vision therapy programs and prism that can help make your C.I. go away as long you maintain them.

    Good luck! and kindly let us know!

  8. i attended vision therapy not too long ago. it wasnt as intenstive but sure there was a lot of activities involved. im in high school by the way. in the therapy, i was given a vectogram to practice converging! it helped me a lot. my vision is now better than before and i see better. also, video games helped me a lot. i play first shooter and supposedly it helps with my tracking believe or not i play it 30 minutes a day and my eyes move better.

  9. I am a student of B.Sc optometry. I need to no about the grading of CI ( If there any grading system actually?) for my dissertation. Would you please help me?

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